Surgical Oncology

The Surgical Oncologist has a pivotal role in cancer management and research. Despite the advances in medical and radiation oncology, surgery is still the most important modality with the potential to cure most solid cancers. No longer is surgery alone the only treatment for most solid malignancies but a combination of surgery and multi-modal therapies (with highly focused radiotherapy, targeted molecular therapies and poly-chemotherapy) becoming the modern standard of care.

The Surgical Oncology Department aims at:


The Department of Surgical Oncology is a fast-evolving specialty at Nirali Cancer Hospital. The Department offers the following services:

1. Head & Neck Oncology

2. Breast Oncology

Breast cancer management is MULTI-MODALITY. All the three branches, viz., Surgery, Radiation and Medical oncology are required to treat breast cancer optimally. Surgery is the mainstay of treatment for early-stage breast cancer and along with other modalities in advanced stages. In this era almost the whole breasts can either be conserved or reconstructed. Different types of oncoplastic surgeries are available to reconstruct the breast as near normal as possible without any additional problems. Sentinel node biopsy can also be performed when indicated in breast cancer. This avoids the chances of swelling of the arm (Lymphedema).

The facilities provided under breast oncology:

3. Gastro-intestinal oncology

The following surgeries are offered with emphasis on minimal invasive approach:

4. Uro Oncology

5. Gynae Oncology

6. Thoracic Oncology

7. Neuro Oncology

8. Orthopaedic Oncology

9. Paediatric Surgical Oncology

10. Vascular Access Surgery

11. Onco - Reconstructive Surgeries

12. Palliative Surgeries


The Surgical Oncology Department has: