Accessible round the clock, our Admission team ensures the smooth process of the admissions with no delay caused in the treatment.
The Admissions Department provides support 24×7.

Admission procedure

Planned Admission:

When a routine hospitalisation is required, the patient shall confirm to the Admission Department a day earlier with regard to date and time of arrival. The Admission Executive may contact the patient too for confirmation of admission.

Please carry your personal identification card, all available medical reports and insurance card (if any) for the admission process.

An admission form will be issued. This is to be filled in and signed by the patient at the time of admission. The patient should submit his/her Personal ID card to the staff in the Admission Department.

Emergency Admission:

In the case of an emergency admission, the patient gets admitted through the Emergency Department at the emergency registration counter.

In case of insurance, following admission patients are advised to contact the insurance department as early as possible and furnish the particulars required for obtaining sanction for cashless treatment.

In cases where the patient requires an emergency procedure/investigation/treatment, they are required to deposit the requisite amount at the Hospital. This will be refunded once the sanction from the Insurance/TPA is received.

Discharge Process:

On discharge, the patient is required to pay all the expenses listed to settling the final bill. They should collect a copy of the Discharge Summary and copies of all investigation reports from the Staff Nurse-Ward in charge before discharge.

The original hospital bill, pharmacy bills, prescriptions, investigation reports, discharge summary will be handed over to the patient after discharge.

Families are requested to arrange for home clothes, transport, and finances for the planned day of discharge. The discharge summary and instructions including medication, follow up details and other recommendations will be explained and handed over to the patient. The discharge process typically takes around 3 hours from the time of confirmation by the treating doctor.

Payment Terms:

Self-paying patients’ expenses not covered by insurance plans will have to be settled by the patient through cash or credit card.