Anesthesiology & Critical Care

The Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at Nirali Multispecialty Hospital (NMH) hospital is entirely devoted to the impeccable handling of patients during the pre-operative period. 

Anesthesia and Post-Anesthesia services are precisely designed to suit every patient.

Critical Care

Critical Care medicine is of immense importance for all specialties. This specialty certainly reduces mortality by providing early and appropriate life-saving interventions to all critically ill patients. NMH Department of Critical Care constitutes a devoted team of critical care doctors & certified ACLS providers who deal with the most seriously ill patients. The facility is equipped with state of the art technology and has a capacity of 25+ ICU beds. Our multidisciplinary doctors are equipped to handle all kinds of medical eventualities, including multiple organ failures and severe polytrauma injuries. We follow global protocols for infection control which makes our infection rates comparable to the best hospitals

High-End Advanced Ventilators invasive digital monitoring facilities.

ACLS-certified / trained doctors in ICU working under the guidance of Intensivist.

Initiation & Maintenance of Renal Reperfusion therapy (Haemodialysis) on devoted ICU beds