Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging Services

The Nirali Multispeciality Hospital in accordance with its state-of-the-art infrastructure is equipped with similar high-end latest machines available in diagnostic radiology and imaging. The aim is to provide the best and quick services with highest possible diagnostic precision. 

The department is fully equipped with all modalities such as MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and X-rays as well as Interventional Radiology. PET-CT is available at our in-campus Nirali Cancer Hospital. It is important to note that, each modality is complimentary to the other and not a substitute.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging:

Popularly known in its abbreviated form as MRI.

The machine is the latest in our country and is the most advanced 1.5T machine from Siemens named Magnetom Altea. The Magnetom Altea MRI scanner provides state-of-the-art capabilities in musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiac, and oncologic imaging, and expands the capabilities available to patients first time in South Gujarat. 

In addition to a wide, 70cm bore and a large 50x50x50 cm FOV, the MAGNETOM Altea possesses several industry-leading technologies, including BioMatrix patient personalization technology with the Select&GO Interface, DOT Engine, and Turbo Suite. The wide 70mm bore substantially reduces claustrophobia and patient discomfort. All in all, these advanced technologies coupled with AI (Artificial Intelligence) provide the ultimate patient experience and customized applications that reduce scan time by up to 50% (in some instances even up to 95%) without compromising image quality.

Computerised Tomography :

Popularly known in its abbreviated form CT.

It is an ultra-fast 128-slice-per-second image generation machine Somatom GoTop from Siemens. It basically uses x-rays and the computer accumulates, analyses, and reproduces data in a visible image format. The radiologist’s eyes are trained to detect the smallest of the abnormalities therein. The machine is equipped with AI (artificial intelligence) to further aid the radiologist. 

With a 0.33-second rotation time, Stellar detector technology and a 75 kW generator, the 128-slice Somatom goTop meets a wide range of clinical needs. It also has a large detector to deliver an acquisition speed of up to 175 mm in one second. This makes it ideal for trauma scanning. Interventional procedures benefit from its Guide&Go technique (the first tablet-based solution from Siemens for CT-guided interventions) enabling the interventional radiologist to use traditional touch features rather than a joystick for more precise image manipulation.

The new Athlon X-ray tube at the heart of the scanner permits ultra-low dose and thereby minimize radiation to the patient. A more organized working environment is achieved by the gantry-mounted injector arm that enables the flexible arrangement of the contrast injector. Additionally, this high-end machine offers TwinBeam Dual Energy imaging for simultaneous examination of the same region at two different energy levels. Information from the resulting two image datasets is particularly beneficial in virtual non-contrast, gout, contrast enhancement, soft tissue differentiation, lesion characterization and oncology applications.

The scanner uses unique Go-technologies to enable zero-click reconstructions for even highly complex procedures such as coronary CT angiography.


One fixed CR x-ray machine from Allengers Allpose (125KV and 500 MAs). All forms of conventional X-ray and fluoroscopy procedures such as barium swallow, meal, follow through, enema, Intravenous Urography, micturition cystography, retrograde urography, and hysterosalpingography are performed.

Digital portable x-rays

These are performed at the bedside, in operation theaters, ICU, and in the ward. The use of Digital Digital Radiography (DR) Detectors results in pristine image quality as well as a considerable reduction in radiation exposure.

Sonography and color doppler

Sonography one of the basic and essential diagnostic modality. We have 2 dedicated Sonography rooms; one is equipped with a GE voluson E8 machine and other is Logiq S8 XD which are the most technologically advanced Sonography machines available. These High end ultrasound machines have excellent image quality and are equipped with modern applications like Harmonic Imaging and 3D, 4D imaging. The Sonography machines are equipped with a wide range of transducers so all types of Sonography examination can be performed. Routine, endocavitatory, high resolution, 3D and doppler’s of any vessel are done. 

Portable Sonography is performed at the bedside for inpatients who cannot be transported to the imaging department. These patients also benefit from the high-resolution machines at the bedside.

Preparation and scan

For abdominal sonography/kidney Doppler, 4 hours of fasting is required for pelvic sonography, full bladder is needed which can be achieved by not passing urine at least 1 hour before the scan and drinking 1 liter of water at this time.