Day Care

The Day Care unit of the Nirali Cancer Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility where treatment and procedures are offered to the patients as Day Cases – meaning no overnight stay in hospital is necessary and patients can rest and recuperate in their own homes.

A fully equipped laboratory, advanced radiology services with ultrasound and X-ray facility as well as trained personnel ensure patient safety and satisfaction.

The latest technologies along with excellent post-operative care and effective pain relief enable the patients to recover in just a few hours.


The Dialysis unit provides a high standard of evaluation and treatment for kidney disorders in adults. We have a team of dedicated doctors committed to providing excellent care in different settings: dialysis unit, in-patient wards. This ensures high quality treatment.

The Dialysis unit has a state-of-the-art hemodialysis unit with modern design digital hemodialysis machines of modern design. Our hemodialysis nurses are well trained, experienced and compassionate. In addition, our doctors keep you under examination to make sure your condition remains under control.